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Happily EVEN After: the NJ Divorce & Family Law Podcast

Jul 21, 2019

Although "free" initial consults in New Jersey divorces appear to be gaining in popularity, our firm still offers 1-2 hours long consults at a flat rate of $250.00.  Find out why in this podcast.  

Jun 2, 2019

In this episode attorney Carl Taylor reviews the types of assets in a divorce that may not be subject to division, such as inheritance, pre-marital property, and more.  

Apr 17, 2019

Learn about the Free Resources available from Carl Taylor Law, LLC and on our website:  We also discuss our soon-to-be published book - Happily Even After: the Guide to Divorce in New Jersey. 

Jan 18, 2019

In Episode 6 Carl ropes in local divorce attorney Adam Eisenhut to discuss methods those facing a divorce or retaining a divorce lawyer may utilize to reign in the divorce costs. 

Jan 10, 2019

Divorces are different from most other areas of the law as they often involve a great deal of emotion.  In order to successfully finalize a divorce, difficult emotions generally must be resolved. In this Podcast New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Carl Taylor addresses the issue of emotion in a divorce and provides tips for how...